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PostSubject: DRAGON's DOGMA RPG BATTLE SYSTEM   Sun Jul 22, 2012 6:54 pm

DRAGON's DOGMA RPG Battle System v.1.0.1

Let me guide you Guest through the DRAGON's DOGMA RPG battle system.

The system comprises of:

Two simple functions Action and Reaction.

Three phases Setup phase, Turn Phase, and Reaction phase.

And many more little things ^^.


Don’t just stand there doing nothing in battle. Attack, defend, cast a spell, use an item, or whatever. You can only act once per turn so decide carefully what you want to do before making any hasty decisions.


When someone targets your with an attack, magic or item, you have to post a reaction post. And update of what happened after the said attack/magic/item was used on you. This is your duty, don’t rely on the admins and moderators to do this for you.


Setup Phase: Your entry post before a battle starts. Basically you just have to copy and paste your character’s stats. Things like Current Level, HP, STR, MAG, DEF, Equipped Weapons and Accessories, Battle consumable Items carried, and a link to your character's approved profile with stats.

Turn Phase: Your character’s turn phase. This occurs after all players including your opponents have posted their Setup Phase. You choose to act by selecting a command available to you, or choose to select an item, or choose to escape. In short this is when you unleash hell on your opponent or aid a party member.

Reaction Phase:
This phase normally occurs when you’re being attacked or sometimes when being targeted by something that requires your reply. There is a DEFEND ability available to each player in the game. When being attacked, you can react by either taking damage, Defending, or choosing a command that can be used during Reaction Phase. You cannot perform more than one action when in reaction phase, so choose carefully will you counter-attack, defend, or use a skill that is usable in Reaction phase. In short this is your response post when someone attacks you.


HP: Health points it increases with the aid of abilities learned from leveling your class; or with the aid of items and accessories.

STM: Stamina. Allows you to use abilities and skills.

STR: Strength stat, determines mostly your physical damage.

DEF: Defense stat, determines how much PHYSICAL damage you can deduct from your opponent's attack.

MAG: Magic stat, determines mostly your magical damage or heal or effect.

MAG DEF: Magical Defense stat, determines how much MAGICAL damage you can deduct from your opponent's attack.

ACC: Accessory stat, determines the number of accessories you can equip.

Calculating Damage and Effect

Damage Physical Calculator: For Attacks. You can get their damage by simply adding WAP(Weapon Attack Power) your character's STR. Sometimes you can add more given you have an Accessory or ability that enables you to do so. Critical deals 1.5x damage.

Damage Magical Calculator (DMC) same for Heal Effects: For Magical Abilities. You can get their damage or regenerative effect by simply adding WMP (Weapon Magical Power) and your character's MAG(Magic stat).

Only vocations with Shields or Magical Shields can defend attacks. Blocking Power determines how much damage you can stave off, both PHYSICAL and MAGICAL.


A party is composed of a max of 4 members only, the party leader and three others. In each battle, there can be more than 1 party versus an enemy. But take note: You can't target players from different parties with positive effects, buffs or heals or items that causes a positive effect on their character. You can however attack or harm a player in or out of your party.

Party members cannot leave or change the parties during a battle. The party leader of a party can change during the battle. Violation will result to disqualification and indefinite ban from the RPG.

The party leader will be the one who receives the spoils/rewards after each battle. Its up to him/her how he/she wishes to divide it among his/her party members.


There are two places where you can position your character in battle. The FRONT and the REAR, take note however that the REAR position can only accommodate One (1) player. Players in the FRONT can attack with any type of weapon. However, Players in the REAR position can only attack with ranged weapons.

Players in the REAR cannot be attacked by melee attacks until ALL the FRONT characters of that party have been defeated or disabled. Once all the FRONT characters in a party have been disposed, the REAR player becomes susceptible to melee attacks.

The same concept applies to Monsters and NPCs.
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