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 Pawns: Who or What are they?

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PostSubject: Pawns: Who or What are they?   Wed Aug 08, 2012 8:33 pm


Pawns, or Myrmidons, are denizens of the Rift; lacking emotion and a true will of their own, they follow the Arisen, one who has been chosen by the dragon.

All pawns carry a glowing scar upon their hand that corresponds to the scar upon the Arisen's chest. Other than the scar, Pawns look human physically, the difference being that they neither age nor truly die; they lack any sort of real emotion and willpower.

Despite being devoid of emotion and willpower, they fight with utmost earnesty and courage. This is likely for gameplay purposes, but it could also mean that by "willpower" they are speaking about their own personality, or lack thereof.

Although most pawns lack emotion, a pawn can become more human as they spend more time with the human world, eventually developing the rudaments of free will and losing their Pawn-Mark on their hand.
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Pawns: Who or What are they?
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