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 Locations - The World of Dragon's Dogma

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PostSubject: Locations - The World of Dragon's Dogma   Wed Aug 08, 2012 8:47 pm

Dragon's Dogma takes place in the kingdom of Gransys, a province divided in the eastern region of the Liogran Peninsula. It's covered in lush fields, dense forests, and rolling plains. Brimming with dungeons to explore, adventures to be had, stories to be told, and mythical monsters to be slain, the landscape of Gransys is anyone's to explore. Coupled with dark and menacing nights when monsters prowl, Gransys is just an extremely small part of a world unlike any before it.

1. Gran Soren
The capital city of Gransys. Around 250 years ago the Liogran Peninsula was divided into Liore in the west and Gransys in the east. The dukes of each region were forced to answer to officials sent from the mainland. Not long after, Gran Soren was named the capital of Gransys. The town was given stone-paved roads and a water treatment system using the most incredible of current technologies. The palace was built using iron, bronze and the finest of stones, and it's not surprising to find it still standing immaculately today, 250 years later.

Modern Gran Soren is divided into numerous districts, including the Urban Quarter, the Craftsman's Quarter, a fallen area of Slums, and the Noble Quarter, where the most wealthy citizens hobnob. Our high fortress walls and surrounding plains ensure a defended stronghold with a thriving ecosystem. Wheat, livestock and yes, alcohol, are natural products of a beautifully stable climate.

The Ruins of Heavenspeak Fort

2. Cassardis
Cassardis is the hometown of the former Arisen, and the first town that the player begins his journey from. It is a seaside village that capitalizes on fishing as a main source of food.

"I have lived in Cassardis all my life. Legend says that long ago, a king rose and ended the warring that had gripped the peninsula. But today, there are few remnants left of the ancient kingdoms, and fewer still know we are the descendants of kings. Cassardis is looked upon as a simple fishing village under the rule of Gran Soren. The area might not be as exciting as it once was but we are fully self-sufficient and you won't find a better lobster dinner in all the land."

3. The Ruins of Heavenspeak Fort
This once impressive structure has fallen into disrepair; and is now populated by a vicious band of man-hating, female Bandits.

4. Northface Forest
A forested area inhabited Direwolves and Snow Harpies. A curious marking can be seen in its hillside.

"I nearly died at the claws and fangs of the vicious direwolves that inhabit the Northface Forest. I had set up camp in the forest after losing my way in the midst of a fierce storm. If I had known exactly where I was, I never would have stopped moving. The direwolves attacked in the middle of the night. A flaming torch was enough to keep them at bay while I ran for my life, but not before one of the beasts had sunk its fangs into my right arm. The wound took months to heal. And while my experience was harrowing, I remain thankful that I was at least able to avoid the horrible snow harpies."

5. The Encampment
A camp for soldiers stationed to defend Cassardis from monster attacks. It provides a Riftstone whereby the Arisen can summon his/her pawn.

"Manamia was once a beautiful settlement. Generations ago, it was a place where a man could find a wife and raise a family. Now, the area is the headquarters for soldiers on alert for monsters threatening Cassardis. Were you to visit, you might experience the wonder of a riftstone, where other pawns appear before your very eyes. When faced with the intimidating flames of the dragon, I remind myself that the Arisen will save us and that I must serve him."

6. The Mountain Waycastle
A place of rest on the journey between Gran Soren and the south.

"I have provided weapons to many a brave soldier. Some have brought me tales of their travels to the Mountain Waycastle where they often stop to rest on their way to the capital from the lands of the south. Though it's not usually a spot for battles, one can hear many a thrilling tale of adventure from the knights who pass through. They are brave men but not above also expressing their deep fears in this time of the dragon's return."
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Locations - The World of Dragon's Dogma
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