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 The Arisen

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PostSubject: The Arisen   Wed Aug 08, 2012 10:06 pm


The "Arisen" is the title given to anyone whose heart was stolen by a Dragon, and survived.

When the Dragon returns to the world it chooses a person of a certain worth, rips out out their heart, and devours it. This person miraculously survives, thus becoming known as "Arisen". Those chosen by the Dragon embark on a journey to seek it out for reasons unknown. The Arisen is said to be the only one that can slay the dragon and with that, the Arisen will be given choices that will shape the world.

The Dragon and the Arisen are connected through the scar on his or her chest and can communicate with one another through it. An Arisen does not age and has an immunity to sickness, but can die in battle. The vitality of the Arisen is linked to their heart being kept by the Dragon; So long as the Dragon lives, the Arisen cannot die, save for in battle. Sub sequentially, when the Dragon dies, all Arisen who have not reclaimed their heart will age the amount of time that their heart was kept by it. This leads to age catching up to them, or death.

Quote :
Note: Exclamation Currently in the RPG, nobody is allowed to start out as an Arisen. Only a few will become Arisens, provided they have fought and survived a Dragon encounter, which will be provided by an Admin.

The chance of becoming an Arisen in this RPG is not dependent on luck, but rather the standing of the candidate in the community. People who constantly violate the rules, or are just downright annoying to be dealt with, shall never receive the chance. People who also bug or pester Admins and Moderators about being an Arisen will be less likely to get a Dragon battle.
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The Arisen
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