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 Blood of the Arisen Plot

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PostSubject: Blood of the Arisen Plot   Tue Aug 21, 2012 10:26 pm

Blood of the Arisen

150 years after the Arisen has defeated the Dragon and the Seneschal, the world has yet to see true peace. With the King of the Mainland dead, and having no true successors, the Dukes have started a battle for the crown.

The disappearance of the Arisen has led to the subsequent decline of Pawns, most of whom went away, or returned to the Rift. There were still a few who remained in Gransys, for reasons unknown. Currently, Gransys is engaged with a war against its former ally, the country of Hearthstone, a much larger and more powerful nation.

In a world of darkness and despair, people have turned back to the legends, the days of old and tales of heroes long gone for a ray of hope. And with the way the war is going, there is only one way to save the continent from the threat of war... the Blood of the Arisen...
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Blood of the Arisen Plot
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