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 The Lore of Lunaris (FFMSL)

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PostSubject: The Lore of Lunaris (FFMSL)   The Lore of Lunaris (FFMSL) EmptySat Apr 18, 2015 3:15 pm


The Lore of Lunaris (FFMSL) 5E7gDeI
No one remembers how Lunaris truly came to be, yet legends tells us that the Celestial Giants called the “Primals” traveled to the newly formed world, shaping the land and first seeding it with life. The Primals created metal skinned beings known as the Sentinels to finish the work they had intended for Lunaris, in order to prepare the planet for the time when it would give birth to the first mortal creatures. The Primals departed soon after creating the Sentinels to search for other worlds to bring to life. 

The Lore of Lunaris (FFMSL) OiwxYW9
In the coming ages a great catastrophe would befell the world. From the endless void of the cosmos, unspeakable terrors known only as Old Gods came. Their goal was to corrupt and then later devour the planet. The Old Gods misshapen and twisted the planet and it's lifeforms. The elements were thrown into such great disorder that Lunaris degenerated back to a state of primordial chaos, atrophy and destruction; a world where no life could ever form or exist. The influence of the Old Gods has grown malignantly into the Planet's Lifestream. They've now become part of the planet, this was the last step before they can consume the planet. This also made their lives linked to the planet. Meaning if they die, so will the planet.

The Lore of Lunaris (FFMSL) BQpfGh0
Lunaris at this time was occupied by gigantic beasts and powerful Dragons. Some of the were able to resist the Old God's corruption and waged war against the invaders. But most of the mortal life on Lunaris were subjected to the influence of the Old Gods. It was a losing battle for the resistance. But, during their darkest day, the Primals returned to Lunaris and aided the resistance in defeating the Old Gods. 

The Lore of Lunaris (FFMSL) BPUdPK9
However, the Primals were unable to destroy the Old Gods completely because they have fused with the planet's Life Stream. Instead the Primals sealed them deep within the planet's crust. After the Old Gods were contained, the spirits of the elements again settled into balance and Lunaris’ ability to birth and sustain life returned. The Primals reseeded the world, re-activated the Sentinels. Before they left, the Primals empowered the remaining members of the resistance and granted to them the power to defeat the Old Gods. These remnants would become the Guardians of Lunaris. With the colossal mortal race gone, it allowed smaller lifeforms to thrive. The Zel, the origin of all humanoid races, rose from the ashes of the war torn world and became the most dominant species in the planet for millions of years.

Shortly after the war though, all was not well and good with Setgias, the leader of the Primals. He had been infected by the corruption of the Old Gods. Eventually, Setgias became evil and turned on his kind. He destroyed several of his fellow Primals and used their energy to strengthen his own. After purging the universe of his brothers and sisters, Setgias traveled the cosmos doing what the Old Gods were doing before, corrupting the Life Steam and then consuming it. Each planet he consumed, he grew even more powerful.

The Lore of Lunaris (FFMSL) VAcBMzb
Ten thousand years ago Setgias returned to Lunaris to consume the planet together with the Old Gods. The Guardians were the last remaining life forms who had the power to challenge Setgias. The Guardians joined forces with the unified mortals, the Zels, to fight off Setgias, in what would be an epic battle. Alone, Setgias was unable to defeat the combined strength of the Guardians and the mortals. He was forced to retreat into the void, claiming to one day return and extract his revenge. Soon after the battle, the Guardians disappeared and the mortals became divided once more.

Peace, however, was short lived. Racial disputes and the thirst for dominance and power, drove the mortals to fight among themselves. A large group of humans converged in the south, which would later become the Great Empire. Alfeirs stayed in the ancestral homeland of Ariel up the northern continent. Meanwhile, Delvas wanted to rebuild and strengthen their army, they wanted a land far away from the other races, hence why they took the western continent of Doragul. Everyone who was left, were forced to live in the east continent of Wrozan.

The Lore of Lunaris (FFMSL) JfoQTKJ
Two thousand years ago an unprecedented event took place on the continent or Wrozan; the dead were rising up from their graves and attacking the living. Led by their queen, Izaria the Dammed, the dead marched across the Continent of Wrozan laying waste to everything that stood in their way.  The undead horde grew with every city they trampled, turning the corpses of their enemies into loyal zombies. Fortunately the Padilla Empire came to Wrozan’s aid. With the combined forces of Wrozan and the Padilla Empire, they overcame the Undead horde and were able to put an end to Izaria's invasion. An alliance between the human kingdoms in Wrozan and the Empire was form, an alliance that exists till this day.

Five hundred years ago, the Empire had tried to slowly take over Ariel. At the time, Ariel was predominantly populated  by Alfeirs and the Qins. And together, they outnumber the Imperial Forces 5 to 1. The Empire wanted Ariel for its resources and treasures; one such treasure is Nalrim, a very rare type of metal used by the Alfeir to forge their best weapons. An Imperial scouting party accidentally stumbled upon an ancient temple deep within the Alfeirian Mountains. Unbeknownst to the Imperial soldiers that the temple predates back to the time of the Old Gods. They pillaged the temple and recovered an ancient artifact called “The Nel of O’chu”. 

The Lore of Lunaris (FFMSL) 1dWqR2D
Nel are artifacts made by the Primals, used by the Guardians to view the imprisoned Old Gods from a safe distance (like a webcam). The connection works both ways though and the Old Gods have figured out how to use the Nel to whisper their influence to whom ever is holding the artifact. The soldiers returned to Thanatos and presented the artifact to their Emperor. It has been, since then, become part of the Royal Imperial Treasury. (*note: There are no records dating back to the time of the Old Gods, hence only a handful of people know of their existence and the dangers of such items like the Nel.)

War would tear the two nations apart, a battle that would last three centuries. During one of the epic battles, Anjiero Felfalas, the king of the Alfeirs, used forbidden blood magic to summon one of the Guardians. But something went terribly wrong during the ritual and he ended up reopening the Rift leading to the void where Setgias resides.

The Lore of Lunaris (FFMSL) Y6QfpL2
Setgias, made a patch with the demon Belial, to create a massive army called the Chaos Legion, composed mostly of demonic beasts. Monsters were coming out of the rift and were attacking everyone from both sides. The two forces had no choice but to postpone with fight and join forces to combat the unworldly beings. They had to close the Rift before the are overrun by Setgias' forces and Anjiero was the key. As payment for summoning the Rift, Anjiero was turned into a hideous demon and the only way to close the portal, was to kill Anjiero.

The Lore of Lunaris (FFMSL) OpmtiUn
A group of mighty heroes from the Alfeir, the Qin and the Empire joinned forces to battle against the demonic monster that is Anjiero. In the end it was his son, Ish’in Felfalas, who succeeded in killing Anjiero, which resulted in the collapse of the Rift preventing more of the Chaos Legion from spewing out. The Alfeir and the Empire set aside their hatred for one another for the moment. Ish’in, being the new king of the Alfeir’s, struck a deal with the Empire, peace in exchange for supply of Nalrim, therefore ending the war that lasted 300 years.

The Lore of Lunaris (FFMSL) UVUHeHB
(Beginning of the story) It was a quiet day in M’hirr when suddenly a giant metal craft appeared out of the sky and fell on the sea several kilometers off the coast of Eastern M’hirr. The small continent of M’hirr is the home of the Nyanqin, catlike humanoid creatures. This otherworldly craft carried within it humans from another world. Several fishermen saw the crash and quickly went over to investigate. They managed pull out human survivors from the wreckage and brought took them to shore, where the people of M’hirr awaited. (The Flight came from New York and was bound for London, England.)

To read the entire story so far, please click this link >> Entire Story so far.....

Playable races:

Humans  are usually the most numerous and politically dominant sentient species in Lunaris. As the most common sentient species, they are often considered to be a standard or average to which the biology, psychology, and culture of other species and races are compared. The Empire is the largest all-human faction in Lunaris.

Delva are a race most commonly known for their horns, metallic-skinned, muscular physique. They are the society that governs the continent of Doragul. Not all Delvas have horns, the horn itself has no nerve endings and can be painlessly removed much like human nails or hair. But once a horn is cut off, it will not grow back.

Alfeir They are long-lived, though not immortal. Typically, an Alfeir dies of natural death at around 3000 years of age. They mostly keep to themselves and opt not to wander far from their territories. Their homeland is located in Ariel, in the northern part of the world.

Qin are humanoid animals with a great love for nature and strong ales. Despite their animalistic appearance, their way of thinking and living are more human than beast. The Qin are further subdivided into several sub races all depending upon what type of animal they are, here are all the sub races for the Qin arranged from abundance to rarity: Rodentqin, Nyanqin Boarqin, Wolfqin, Snakeqin, Bearqin, Bullqin Tigerqin, Dragonqin, Lionqin (extinct).

Non-Playable races:

Ashimar are the offspring of a god and a mortal being. They can be either mortal or immortal, a completely random outcome. If they are immortal, they stop aging at around 20 to 30 years old. They inherit only a fraction of their immortal parent's powers. But there are rare occasions, when an Ashimar may inherit enough powers to challenge a God.

Zadak are artificial lifeforms which have been given a soul. They are made, not born, by the Zels. Millions of years ago, there were no norms or rules which prevented the creation of life or the use of blood magic. The Zadak were originally created to serve humanity, but the same power which animates them also gave them a soul. They draw their power directly from the Life Stream.

Zel a primordial race, the root of all humanoid lifeforms on Lunaris. They ruled the planet for millions of years. But as time passed, human species became more diverse. And the original, pure blooded, Zels faded in the annals history. During the Colossal Age, where giant beasts ruled the planet, Zels were considered as prey. But they rose to become the most dominant species after the war between the colossal beasts and the Old Gods settled.


The Lore of Lunaris (FFMSL) A3ZB2uf
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The Lore of Lunaris (FFMSL)
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