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 FFMSL Insider: Izaria the Dammed

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PostSubject: FFMSL Insider: Izaria the Dammed   FFMSL Insider: Izaria the Dammed EmptyFri May 01, 2015 12:13 am

FFMSL Insider presents...
FFMSL Insider: Izaria the Dammed SceneIzaria
The Queen of the Undead, Izaria the Dammed. 
Born 2762 Years ago, Izaria the Dammed formerly known as Izaria Surion, was the daughter of an Alferian General in Cross. She lived most of her life as a huntress, very successful and very ambitious. She's was an excellent huntress, able to single handedly hunt top tier creatures like the Marlboro, and the Behemoth. Her profession required her to spend a lot of time away from home, not that she disliked it. In fact Izaria loved spending time outdoors and in all of the places, she loved the North the most.
One day Izaria and her party of Alfeir hunters set out on a routine hunting trip to the north. Halfway into the Frozen Wastelands, Izaria and her party were attacked by a group of bandits who had been tailing them since they arrived at Northern Wrozan. Izaria and her party disposed of the bandits with ease, but it's what came after that would forever change her. A blizzard suddenly appeared on top of them, gale winds pounded them with snow. Visibility was zero, and the powerful rush of the wind muffled out any sound their mouths made. In a matter of minutes, Izaria and her party were buried underneath twenty feet of snow. 
The blizzard stopped and the sky darkened, but by then it was already too late. The blizzard had already claimed the lives of Izaria's party, but not her's. Forcefully she dug herself out from the the heavy pile of snow and crawled her way up onto the surface. When she looked up, she saw that the sky had darkened and the wind had died out. From a distance she saw a shadow of a man walking towards her and as he got closer, more shadows started appearing from behind him. The man approached enough to reveal his appearance to Izaria. He was wearing a primitive looking armor that had been worn out by time. His skin was pale and dry and rotten. His face, though obscured by his long silver hair, had been eaten away and only his skull remained. His eye glistened with an eerie blue light and on top of his head sits a black crown, with no jewels of shinny ornaments, just a fine layer of snow and decay. This man had an army marching behind him, an army of the dead. 
Izaria drew her bow and shot an arrow at the crowned corpse, surprisingly the man caught the arrow and shattered it like it was a frail piece of glass. Izaria's legs had given into the cold, her feet now black from the cold and she could not move, not even one step. The man walked up to her, Izaria was frozen, and stared down at he with his icy blue eyes and gently place his hand on her forehead. "Confn jaka sari wer thurkear, majak persvek sari wer gul vur meage sia reab mrith vi vilzriquathtor kornari" (Come now into the night, give into the cold and lead my army with a frozen heart), he said to her.
Darkness took her and as her life faded from her body, a darker power entered her. Izaria was transformed into a living corpse, the undead. Empowered by her maker, Izaria gained the title of Queen of the Undead. She became the general that would lead the undead army across the continent of Wrozan. The Undead erected a tower for their Queen near the Fel lands, just south of the Astean Mountains.
Since then she’s often seen blazing the skies riding on the back of an Undead Dragon. Darkness followed her wherever she went, the skies would turn black, the lands would turn to blight, even the wind was absent during her presence. They plagued the cities and villages of Wrozan. Their army grew in size with each victory, using the corpses of those they’ve slain. Izaria and her forces pushed south west into the Ramoan kingdom. They were managed to push the humans back to the last base, Redhold, and would have won if not for the Empire’s intervention. With the help of the Empire, the humans were able to push back the Undead Horde all the way back to the north to Izaria’s Tower. 

It was Helgrim Firebraid, the leader of the Seven Lions, who finally put an end to Izaria’s reign of terror. They decapitated the Undead Queen and burned her body, while her head was kept as a trophy that was to be presented to the Emperor. Izaria’s father greatly disapproved this, after all Izaria was once an Alfeir, her remains should belong with her people. However even with the threats and demands of Izaria’s father, the Empire still refused to return her Izaria’s remains to her family. They claim that she had taken more human lives than the years she’s lived as an Alfeir. Her crimes against humanity had forfeited her right for a proper burial. Her head was taken to Thanatos, in the Emperor's private collection, encased in a glass box, where it still is till this day. She commanded a total of more than 250,000 Undead, and her army had slain over 120,000 from all races, most of them were human.
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FFMSL Insider: Izaria the Dammed
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