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 FFMSL Solo Training System

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FFMSL Solo Training System Empty
PostSubject: FFMSL Solo Training System   FFMSL Solo Training System EmptyFri May 01, 2015 11:51 pm

FFMSL Solo Training System STS
FFMSL Solo Training System

A system that allows you to use your character to fight monsters, controlled by you, in order to gain the reward which is XP. A set of monsters will be posted here with their stats and Attack Sequence, follow the sequence and defeat the enemies to gain the reward. You are only allowed to use this system ONCE a day. 

Here are some guidelines you must follow when using this system. If you do not follow these guidelines, your entire battle will be invalidated.

-When using the enemies, always follow the attack sequence and always attack a valid target.

-Your STS must be 24 hours apart from your first STS post.

-Do not go beyond 1 STS fight per day.

-The STS fights must be done alone. You cannot bring party members or NPCs to your STS bouts.

-Use the FFMSL's Battle System. Don't come up with your own. Errors in your posts will have an effect on your overall XP reward.

-All STS fights must be done in the STS battle room (Room 3).

-Do not add or deduct enemy numbers, stats or skills.

-The enemy will not skip a skill or attack even if the enemy's sequence is interrupted. It will simply be delayed.

-You are allowed to fight any enemy at any level.

-STS Rewards can only be rolled if the player defeats the enemy monster. You can only roll the Rewards dice once. The reward's item level will be the same as the monster you defeated.

Click Here to view the List of STS monsters

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FFMSL Solo Training System
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