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 FFMSL XP Rewards

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PostSubject: FFMSL XP Rewards   Sat May 30, 2015 10:53 am

Differential EXP (DE) = The Next Lv base XP minus Current Lv base XP of the user. 

High vs Low:
XP reward = (DE/3)-10% Level difference

Low vs High:
XP reward = (DE/3)+20% Level difference

Same Level:
XP reward = (DE/3)

-Round up to the nearest decimal, always round up.
-If the XP gained is below 1, it counts as a 0.
-0 XP gained at Max Level
-For Party XP, the members gain individual XP based on the level of their opponent.
-Do not base on the player’s XP, instead base on the XP from their levels in the XP chart.
-The XP reward in a DEATHMATCH is x2


The harder the challenge quest, the more XP you'll gain. Win or Lose, the rewards formula remains the same. Because in FFMSL, we give rewards for effort.

  [No. of Checks] + [Total No. of Rolls]    x [Player Level x10 ]
           [Total No. of Rolls]        

If a player rolls all Checks, then the XP bonus is doubled. (PERFECT CHALLENGE BONUS)


Losing isn't such a bad thing anymore. If you lose a battle (PVE, PVP, STS, PTS) you'll still receive some XP. You'll get 25% of your DE (Differential EXP)


Active moderators who have done their jobs correctly will receive 5000 XP per month, 10 Golden Tickets, and access to all the JOBS.
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FFMSL XP Rewards
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