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 FFMSL Free Potions System

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FFMSL Free Potions System Empty
PostSubject: FFMSL Free Potions System   FFMSL Free Potions System EmptyThu May 07, 2015 10:09 pm

FFMSL Free Potions System

Every player starts out with (1) HP & STM & MEGA Potion. After use, the bottles will empty during the a battle, but will refill magically once the battle is done. In short this item is infinite.

You cannot use this item outside the battle or when in the RP area.
You cannot sell this item.
Also this item does not exist in the RP. It is merely an aid to players in the battle field.

You can upgrade your bottle so it can be used more times. The cost varies from one shop to the other, but one thing is certain as your bottle's level increase, so does the cost. The usual rate ranges from:

+1 = 500~600 Gil
+2 = 500~800 Gil
+3 = 800~1000 Gil
+4 = 1200~1600 Gil
+5 = 2000~2400 Gil
+6 = 2500~2800 Gil
+7 = 3000~4000 Gil
+8 = 5000~8000 Gil
+9 = 10000~15000 Gil

Every Refillable Potion starts off at +0. Once you upgrade it, it becomes +1 meaning you can use it one more time before it empties. The upgrade goes all the way up to +9. You cannot skip a level, meaning you'll have to buy each and everyone.

FFMSL Free Potions System Health
Health potions restore 50% of your max HP

FFMSL Free Potions System Stmpotion
Stamina potions restore 50% of your max STM

FFMSL Free Potions System Stamina
Mega potions restore 50% of your max HP and STM
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FFMSL Free Potions System
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