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 FFMSL Gaming Manual 101

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Creating a Character
Each account is only allowed one character. To submit a character for approval, simply go to Character Creation and fill out the FFMSL Character Application Form on a New Topic. When you are done just await approval from an admin. Remember that at level 1, you start off with 50 Attribute Points and 1 Skill Point.
Upon approval you shall receive your Character's In-game Stats. The thread will be locked so you can no longer edit it. To update your stats, create a New Topic in My Player Fill out the form and then you're good to go.

If you need information regarding what type of characters are available, you can view them at the RPG's Lore Summary

Role playing
I don’t think there’s a need to lecture you guys on how to Role Play. But the forum does have some Rules that we should observe and follow during Role Play.
Remember no force hitting or God modding.
Always indicate where your character is.
Never flash forward, meaning don’t do many things in just one post that is impossible to accomplish at such a short time.
Respect the Admin/moderator’s decision.
Observe courtesy when playing with or against other players.
If possible avoid one liner posts.


Everything you need to know is located here in the Battle System:

Player Skills

We have 3 types of Skills: RED, BLUE, and GREEN. All of which can be found in this link:


The rules are simple and can be found here:

Item Storage and Inventory
Each character is only allowed to carry 40 Items regardless of type. Your Storage has infinite space and is only accessible at an INN. Equipment, Weapons, and Accessories will count as Items. If you are wondering where the Storage is, it should be posted in your My Player post.

Stealing from other players
If you beat another player and manage to knock him out. Then you can steal all of his items in his inventory.

Getting Knocked Out
If your HP reaches 0 then the status Knock Out will be inflicted upon your character. You cannot move nor do anything if you are Knocked Out. During a battle a player can only wake up from being knocked out if another player uses a Skill to raise him or an item to remove the status. When the battle ends and the player is still Knocked Out, he/she will start the next battle with 1 HP if he/she isn't healed.

If your character isn't revived after 8 turns of being KOed during a fight then your character will die.


The maximum number of players in one party is 5. Party members must stick together. If a one member is separated from the rest then he will be removed from the party. XP is divided evenly among party members. A well formed party can fell foes much stronger than you.

HP and Resting
Because your HP does not recover after every battle what you can do is Rest in the game to recover HP. Resting will require you to pass 1 hour (Real time). If you rest you will recover you HP and Stamina. To wake a knocked out player without using skills or items, you will need to Rest for 5 hours.

Character Death
The death of your character depends on three things. (1) Killed off by the creator; (2) death by Deathmatch; (3) Death by going over the KO turn limit.

Deathmatches can be scary but it pays out more than the normal fights so it can be very worth it or very deadly. 

One thing to remember is that the Death of a Character doesn't signify his end in the story. There are some ways in the RP to bring back the dead; how is something I leave for you to discover.

Elemental Chart

Damage multiplied by the number in the box.
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FFMSL Gaming Manual 101
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