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 FFMSL Insider: "The Nameless Kingdom"

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FFMSL Insider: "The Nameless Kingdom" Empty
PostSubject: FFMSL Insider: "The Nameless Kingdom"   FFMSL Insider: "The Nameless Kingdom" EmptyFri Mar 25, 2016 1:28 pm

The Deep City Ruins is also commonly as the Nameless Kingdom or Nameless City. It stretches underneath the entire continent or Wrozan and is believed to be 10 to 30 thousand years old. It was first discovered 1000 years ago during an expansion. A large solid piece of black stone material was the tip of a 2000 foot tower that led straight down into the Deep City Ruins. Due to it's enormous size, the Deep City Ruins has never been completely mapped or explored since it's discovery.

The city is absent of light, it is completely beneath the world above. But what it lacked in luminescence, it compensated in the number of vicious monsters who are able to see in pitch black conditions. Most of the monsters in the Deep City are incapable of living in the world above because they are used to living in the dark, but that doesn't mean all of them. One very notable monster found in the Deep City is the Shade. They are found almost everywhere in the Deep City and sometimes find their way in the world above.

Despite the dangers, the Nameless Kingdom is full of unclaimed riches which causes adventurers and treasure hunters to constantly venture it's depths. Some of them even live in the camps built at the base of the tower. At present, the percentage of exploration of the Nameless City is at 6%.

In the old legends, the Nameless City was once a united Kingdom under the rule of a sovereign and powerful King. The name of this King and his Kingdom was never mentioned or rather, erased from the books. Hence he is known as the Nameless King and his Kingdom, the Nameless Kingdom.

According to the legends, the King prosperously ruled over his Kingdom for many years and that he had 100 wives. His desire for women was one of the main topics in the legend. He was a great ruler but had an insatiable lust for women. He got every woman he wanted, all except for one. A young maiden from the North who's beauty had no equal. No matter what the King offered her, she would always refuse him. (More information about the King and the Northern girl in the story of the Nameless King)

In his final effort, the King sought the help of an ancient and evil force, Belial. He willingly sacrificed his entire Kingdom just to own the maiden from the North. He got his wish and was able to finally win over the maiden, they even had a child together. But at the expense of all the lives of his subjects. Two years later, Belial came to claim what was promised of him, the souls of an entire kingdom. He spared no one, not even the King and Queen. An entire continent, turned evil over night. They say that the Gods buried the entire continent of Wrozan along with the corrupted souls in order to prevent them from conquering the world. It is also suggested that the monsters known as Shades are ghosts of the people who's souls have been corrupted by Belial.
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FFMSL Insider: "The Nameless Kingdom"
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