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 FFMSL Insider: "Magitek Armor"

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FFMSL Insider: "Magitek Armor" Empty
PostSubject: FFMSL Insider: "Magitek Armor"   FFMSL Insider: "Magitek Armor" EmptySat Mar 26, 2016 3:38 pm

FFMSL Insider: "Magitek Armor" Magitekscene2

Developed by the Padilla Empire many decades ago, the Magitek Armor is a large mechanized armor that runs on Magic Crystal Energy. Unlike traditional suits of armor, the armor grants superior strength and toughness to the average person. The smallest are around 20 feet tall and the biggest is Alexander, a mountain sized Magitek Armor. The cockpit can accommodate one pilot and can lasts for as long as it has Magic Energy.

Primarily used by the Empire to strengthen their military prowess, these giant machines are the fighting symbol of the Empire's might. However these machines, though numerous, are not handed out to just any soldier. Usually it requires yeas of training to be able to master it's use and only the exceptional pilots are given Magitek Armors.

The Magitek Armor can lift a weight many times heavier than it's own. It uses the Energy drawn from the Magic Crystals, found in the armor's  reactor  to move it's joints, limbs, and body. They can be configured to have Magic Resistant Armor to combat magic users, or they can be given tougher plating to counter physical attacks, or a bit of both. For ranged combat, the Magitek Armors can be equipped with projectile weapons such as a giant bow, crossbow, or even a stake shooting device.

It does come with some set backs, the Magitek Armors are slower than most of their agile opponents. They rely solely on their strength and toughness to overwhelm a foe. Furthermore, Magitek Armors can not use Magic very effectively because it drains too much energy from their reactor. These Armors are also impractical to use underwater, they are very heavy and tend to sink to the bottom, the cockpit is also not air sealed because pilots need a constant flow of fresh air to breath inside the machine.
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FFMSL Insider: "Magitek Armor"
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