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 FFMSL Plus System

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PostSubject: FFMSL Plus System   FFMSL Plus System EmptyFri Apr 22, 2016 11:23 am

FFMSL Plus System Plusys
Welcome to FFMSL Plus System

This system allows you to upgrade your weapons and equipment, including accessories. The process needs to be done in the Story and every upgrade attempt will cost Gil. The amount of difficulty rises with every + your item gains.

To upgrade a weapon you must first find a Blacksmith in the story. The rate are as follows (unless stated otherwise in the RP):

Forge Rate:
+1 = Item Lv x10 Gil
+2 = Item Lv x20 Gil
+3 = Item Lv x30 Gil
+4 = Item Lv x40 Gil
+5 = Item Lv x50 Gil
+6 = Item Lv x60 Gil
+7 = Item Lv x70 Gil 
+8 = Item Lv x80 Gil
+9 = Item Lv x100 Gil

You cannot skip an item plus level. Your weapon can only rise 1 level per successful attempt.

The second part after finding a Blacksmith and paying for the desired result, is rolling the Plus Dice. The difficulty increases every time your item's Plus level becomes higher. Here are the results you are aiming for per Plus level.

+1 to +3: 
FFMSL Plus System SuccssFFMSL Plus System FldsssFFMSL Plus System Fldsss
(1) Success out of 3 rolls.

+4 to +6:
FFMSL Plus System SuccssFFMSL Plus System SuccssFFMSL Plus System Fldsss
(2) Success out of 3 rolls

+7 to +9:
FFMSL Plus System SuccssFFMSL Plus System SuccssFFMSL Plus System Succss

(3) success out of 3 rolls.

From +1 to +5 you are safe, but once you attempt a +6 to 9 and fail, your item will break and will be unusable. Broken items cannot be repaired.

How it improves your weapon
Here is the list of how much your Item improves after upgrading:

Equipment increase rate:
+1 = +10% 
+2 = +10% 
+3 = +10% 
+4 = +10% 
+5 = +10% 
+6 = +10% 
+7 = +10% 
+8 = +10% 
+9 = +20% 

(Increase is based off the weapon's +0 or original stats)

Blacksmith's Level: the higher the Blacksmith's level, the more chances he has of saving your weapon from breaking when you upgrade from +6 to +9.

Blacksmith's Potion: Comes at 10,000 Gil. It turns one FAILED roll into a SUCCESSFUL roll.
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FFMSL Plus System
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