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 FFMSL Jobs System

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FFMSL Jobs System Empty
PostSubject: FFMSL Jobs System   FFMSL Jobs System EmptyWed May 04, 2016 6:40 pm


The new Job system will replace the old Uncommon Skills. Much like Rare Skill Sets, these Jobs require a quest to learn. Once you've unlocked a job, you may start learning the other skills it offers.

Each Job has a starting Skill that is the key to unlocking the subsequent skills that are under it. Each Starting Skill gives a permanent bonus, Permanent in a sense that even if you are stripped of all your Buffs, you will still have these permanent bonuses. However, once you leave a job, you will lose these permanent bonuses along with it. Once you unlock a Job, you no longer need to retake it's quest should you choose to return to it after leaving it.

Each player is only allowed to have 2 Active Jobs at a time and you may find the list here:
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FFMSL Jobs System
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