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 FFMSL Rent-A-Party System

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FFMSL Rent-A-Party System  Empty
PostSubject: FFMSL Rent-A-Party System    FFMSL Rent-A-Party System  EmptyThu May 05, 2016 9:52 pm

FFMSL Rent-A-Party System

FFMSL Rent-A-Party System  RAPsys
RAP npcs acts as a secondary character owned by the players. Also its for those who want a party but just can't find any members to join them ^^ The FFMSL Rent-A-Party System provides players a chance to borrow up to three (3) created NPCs to accompany them for a certain amount of time depending upon the amount of Gil spent to rent them.

This allows the players to choose from the admin and moderator created R.A.P.s or from player created R-A-Ps. The level of the R-A-P created is half of it's creator. Creation is limited to one per player account.

Creation must be done in the Pending Profiles under the R-A-P Character Applications and must be labeled as an R-A-P character.

Rules regarding the use of R-A-P npcs:

  • To create an RAP character, the player must be at least level 50.
  • Regular players are allowed to create only (1) R-A-P.
  • RAP Stats are designed by the player. After approval, their stats must be posted in FFMSL My Player and labelled as an RAP.
  • RAPs are not given any starting weapons, equipment or items. However, the creator or does have the option to buy items and equipment for their created RAPs.
  • RAPs requires a quest to learn Jobs.
  • RAPs cannot learn Green Skills
  • RAPs cannot gain Summons
  • Players can rent up to (3) RAPs only, and cannot rent an RAP if it's already being used by someone else.
  • RAPs are free of cost if rented by their creator.
  • 100% of the Gil paid to rent the RAP goes to the creator.
  • RAPs are not protected by the Death Rule.
  • RAPs have a separate XP from their creators. Which means, that these RAP characters will not level up if left unused, after creation.
  • Only when a created RAP dies, can the creator make a new one.
  • The cost of renting a RAP character is RAP level x100 per mission
  • If a RAP dies while being rented by another player, the player who rented them will have to pay a fine of RAP level x200 to the creator. Or suffer the consequences of being hunted down in the rp by the mercenary's guild.

List of NPCs available for Rent:
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FFMSL Rent-A-Party System
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