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 FFMSL Jobs and Quest System

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FFMSL Jobs and Quest System Empty
PostSubject: FFMSL Jobs and Quest System   FFMSL Jobs and Quest System EmptyTue May 10, 2016 12:48 pm


The Job system will replace the old Uncommon Skills system. Much like Rare Skill Sets, these Jobs require a quest to learn. Once you've unlocked a job, you may start learning the other skills it offers. You only need to unlock a JOB once per account to enable them for all your characters belonging to the same account. 

Each Job has a starting Skill that is the key to unlocking the subsequent skills that are under it. Each Starting Skill gives a permanent bonus, Permanent in a sense that even if you are stripped of all your Buffs, you will still have these effects. However, once you leave a job you will lose these permanent bonuses that comes along with it. 

Each player is only allowed to have 2 Active Jobs at a time and you may find the list here:

This system will discuss how to request a Skill Quest and their progress. Every Skill that requires a quest will now be required to have a progress bar. The progress bar will be a set of tasks that the player taking the quest must complete in order to achieve the desired Skill. You can request a Quest for a Skill here:

In order to request a quest for a Skill:

  • You must have fulfilled the necessary requirements: LEVEL & STAT.
  • You must not have an ongoing Skill Quest active.

Now on to the hard part. You must complete a number of task/s in order to achieve the skill you requested. Completing one task will increase your progress bar by 1. Once all Tasks are completed, the skill will be unlocked. Moderators are required to post the Progress of each player they are handling during a Skill Quest in FFMSL My Player.

All JOBS are unlocked for Moderators.

Uncommon, Jobs or Blue Skills

  • Progress Bar 3/3

Rare or Green Skills

  • Progress Bar 5/5

Summon or Violet Skills

  • Progress Bar 8/8
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FFMSL Jobs and Quest System
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