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 Chapter 4: The Path Ahead

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PostSubject: Chapter 4: The Path Ahead   Wed Jun 08, 2016 3:04 am

Chapter 4: The Path Ahead


A cloaked figure approached the town, crossing a bridge that crossed the river created from the waterfall just a few feet away. The figure was moving quite slowly, the girl beneath heavily exhausted from all the travelling she had done.

Living outdoors was not something that came easy to her, despite her seemingly natural instinctive inclination to do so. As far as she could tell, it had been weeks that she had been running and surviving outdoors. She stuck mostly to the forests, finding it easier to find food within the dense woods, although half the time it was simply a small creature like a bird.

She reached out from beneath the cloak and pulled it down atop her head, trying to ensure that nobody would be able to make out any distinctive features. Although, unfortunately, she had to be able to see and her eyes were less than stealthy. Her hair blocked one eye, thankfully, but the other pale blue eye shifted as it looked around the area. Unfortunately the color of her eyes seemed to shine if any light were around her, causing most to notice that her eye had a slit rather than a round pupil like most had.

The singular eye stood out from beneath the cloak, but she wasn't quite aware of that fact as she slowly wandered into town. She was already trying to figure out a way to obtain money, since she needed to survive. She did her best to avoid as many people as possible to avoid being made, given that her exploits in Su'til would likely land her in deep trouble with many folks who might have heard about it.

She made notes of any establishments that she could identify from the outside, very much considering breaking into certain places if she decided that she could get away with it.

After all, she wasn't just going to let herself starve to death, was she?

She moved to an alleyway between a tavern and another building, leaning against the wall and sliding to the ground. Her legs and feet ached from the hours of walking that she had to do to get here.

Ailbhe watched people go by as she rested in the alleyway, a small fight breaking out every so often as she considered her needs and how to get them.

She needed food, equipment, money and transport. Pretty much everything, really. But she couldn't quite come up with a way to get them, so for now she simply spent her time observing the people. Many of the buildings seemed to be made almost entirely for wood, spelling disaster if a large enough fire were to break out.

She made note that some of the buildings seemed to have burn marks on the outside, as if a smaller fire had broken out recently.

(OOC Note: Lazypost. I know I'm not supposed to name threads myself, so I named it proper. I have no idea if I'm supposed to mark it as a RAP thing or what..So I apologize if that's the case. Send me a PM with any information for future stuffs if need be.)

(OOC Note 2: Also, this serves as Ailbhe obtaining some stuff. How she does so depends on how things play out and what's available, of course. But she'll travel from here, depending on where she goes and if she succeeds in doing stuff. Razz )
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Chapter 4: The Path Ahead
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