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 Chapter 4: The Path Ahead

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PostSubject: Chapter 4: The Path Ahead   Tue Jun 28, 2016 4:05 am

Chapter 4: The Path Ahead

Geisler Territory

Northrend is ablaze with action, as the warriors from dissatisfied Rockfell attempt to siege the capital held by the powerful Baron Geisler. They are fed up with Baron's rule, as he is a cruel, and ambitious leader. It is the 6th day of the battle, and things are heating up. The rebelling forces, led by distinguished warrior Lady Ailyth Senka are growing exhausted. Thousands of bodies are already scattered across the field, a feast for scavengers of all sorts.

A team of Northrend Geisler knights attempted to scatter Ailyth’s forces, but she and her warriors stood their ground. One by one, she and her brave fighters cut down Geisler’s chocobo cavalry, killing first the birds, and then their riders. Ailyth’s forces are far better trained than Geisler’s, and this appears to be turning the tide. Outnumbered, the siegers relied on their skill, patience and heavy use of magic.

A second wave of chocobo riders from the castle came charging at the attacking forces. Upon Ailyth’s command, the warriors slammed their giant shields into the soil and braced for impact. The chocobos slammed against the shields, resulting in a bloody mess of broken bones and shattered armor. The riders disembarked and began to fight on foot. From the rear, Geisler’s archers and ballistas provided support, easily decimating the Lady's forces.

In the thick of heated battle Ailyth scored plenty of kills. She slit a man’s throat, followed by a thrust to the side, severing off the head of an attacker. She swung madly, killing one person every single blow. A shadow appeared from the sky, distracting her. Ailyth quickly sidestepped, avoiding a powerful spear thrust that launched a dozen of her own men into the air. When the dust settled, she came face to face with a leopardian warrior.

[ Ailyth ]: “Northrend is fielding beasts now? I thought they were purists?!”
[ Jha’kul the Leopard ]: “He he he heh! I fight for the money for the highest bidder...”
[ Ailyth ]: “Doesn’t matter. You’re dead anyway.”
[ Jha’kul ]: “Allow me to introduce myself. I am Jha’kul, shadow of the shifting sands. And this... is my spear!|

Jha’kul thrusts his polearm at Ailyth, which gashes her leg greave. She narrowly avoided that fearsome strike. The leopard used his blinding agility to blitz around the female human commander, trying to disarm her with a barrage of spear strikes. Ailyth managed to hold him off, deflecting all of his attacks. Frustrated, the leopard flung a pawful of dirt at Ailyth’s eyes, catching her off guard. He lunged, and managed to hit her in the shoulder.

[ Jha’kul ]: “You did well for a human, but it is your time to go...”

Without warning, a blade from behind rammed the back of Jha’kul’s skull, exiting into his open mouth. The great cat was killed by one of Ailyth’s adjutants. He picked the Lady up by the hand and pulled her back in line.

[ Ailyth ]: “I must go. We must keep fighting. No time to rest!”
[ Soldier ]: “But my Lady, you are wounded!
[ Ailyth ]: “I can still - - - wait watch out!”

A Geisler soldier in a chocobo leapt straight at them. The great bird snatched the soldier’s head with its thick beak and crushed it. The soldier’s eyeballs and brains popped out, as his headless body collapsed into the ground. Ailyth responded in anger, hurling her sword at the chocobo and impaling it through the ribs. Its rider fell off as the bipedal steed tumbled and crashed. Ailyth rushed with knife in hand and stabbed the fallen rider in the chest several times.

Back at the castle, Baron Geisler was on the tower, observing the chaotic battle from below. T The attacking army has yet to breach their walls, but their powerful spells are causing great damage to the castle structure. Geisler’s trump card was not yet ready as of this moment. 

[ Baron Geisler ]: “It seems like Ailyth Senka, the Thrice-Setting-Sun is truly a legend...”
[ Adviser ]: “She dares attack us with one-third the number of our forces. A foolish woman.”
[ Baron Geisler ]: “Anyone who can’t accept my rule , doesn’t deserve to live. Legend or not.”
[ Adviser ]: “Indeed, my Lord...”

Baron Geisler smirked. On the ground, Ailyth was fighting harder than she ever did. When the much larger black chocobos of Northrend came, her forces were pushed back. These birds turn carnivorous once ridden into battle, and with their bigger size and sheer power, they snapped at the terrified soldiers, some of which were eaten alive. Ailyth didn’t expect the black chocobos, and so her men scrambled in fear.

[ Ailyth ]: “Raise your shields and push the black chocobos back!”

Her men followed her order, bashing the birds with their heavy shields until the birds were dazed. After several minutes, the birds were confused, allowing the men to hit them with their spears.  Ailyth's magic casters followed up with Blizzaras, impaling the giant black birds with sharp icicles. But Ailyth was far from celebrating. The chocobos were followed by a wave of heavy infantry. One large man sought her out, swinging his battleaxe at her. Ailyth parried the strike, at the cost of her sword snapping in half. A brave  friend of Ailyth named Wilhelm took over the duel, fighting the big dark skinned man with two swords.  The big guy knocked both of Wilhelm’s swords away, and then sliced him in half with his axe, causing him to scream in pain.

[ Wilhelm ]: “AAAAAAAUHHHHH!”
[ Ailyth ] : “Wilhelm!!!”

A few more hours have passed. Late in the afternoon, at around four, countless men, women and beasts lay dead on the ground.  Baron heard a growl from the ground, a growl that made him smile. His secret weapon, after feasting on nine mammoths and slept for a week, was now awake and hungry. Baron touched something on his arm. He commanded his soldiers to release their ultimate weapon. Baron Geisler once more climbed to the top of the tower and raised his hands into the air. He called forth the sleeping beast of destruction that had been chained under his castle keep.

[ Baron Geisler ]: “Awaken from your slumber! Midgardsormr !!!”

After Geisler called the enormous serpent, Midgardsormr crawled from the crevice and joined Geisler’s forces in battle. Even Geisler’s own men, knowing fully that their lord had total control of the beast, feared Midgardsormr as he lumbered forward. At 160 feet long he was truly an enormous serpent.  Ailyth quickly recognized him as the legendary Midgardsormr, and she was totally perplexed how Baron Geisler came into possession of the creature. Even more impressive was his control over the mythical beast.

[ Ailyth ]:  “By the light of the three Goddesses... THE Elder Serpent!”
[ Soldiers ]: “It’s... it’s Midgardsormr! Run for your lives!”

The great snake wasted no time in destroying the fleeing army. Though he was no dragon, he was as large as one and possessed powers comparable to a real dragon. Midgardsormr’s back spikes were channels of magical energy. With a single movement of his eyelid, his spikes created Firaga spells that rained from the sky and torched Ailyth's warriors. A mere swipe of his tail flattened hundreds of enemies at once. 


This chant was repeatedly screamed by Baron Geisler, controlling Midgardsormr as he rampaged across the field. Baron’s voice can be heard from his tower, a deafening scream that seemed to drown out the cries from the fighting soldiers. With Midgardsormr’s reawakening, the battle ended before nightfall, with Northrend victorious. The fell creature returned to the deep chasm under the castle.

Ailyth survived the attack. A leg and an arm were broken during the serpent’s rage-fest. She, and the other survivors were taken in front of the castle, just before the drawbridge. Baron Geisler personally came out to see her sprawling on the ground, pinned down by spears. Sarcastically, he clapped, mockingly congratulating her for her valiant effort. Baron then broke both of Ailyth’s wrists, and tore off her armor, and her clothes.

In front of thousands of Northrend soldiers, and dozens of Ailyth's forces' survivors, Baron Geisler took his cock out and commanded two soldiers to hold down Ailyth and spread her legs apart. He raped her in front of everyone watching. Baron ravaged Ailyth again and again. And again. And again. He violated the defeated female warrior until she bled from her womanhood. When Baron was done, he unloaded his semen in her mouth, before beating her face bloody with his own fists. He then ended Ailyth’s life by snapping her neck.

Rockfell was sourly defeated in this clash of clans, with the end of House Senka with the death of Lady Ailyth. One of her generals, the famed veteran warrior Lord Kiko Matos of House Matos was able to escape with the last remaining soldiers, vowing revenge. As Lord Matos escaped on his own chocobo he cannot help but gaze back at the burning battlefield. The cries of the tortured captives broke his heart truly. He swore to rebuild the Rockfell army and defeat Baron Geisler in their next fight, as well as to avenge the death of Lady Ailyth of Senka.
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Chapter 4: The Path Ahead
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