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 Chapter 4: The Path Ahead (Ashborne)

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Chapter 4: The Path Ahead (Ashborne) Empty
PostSubject: Chapter 4: The Path Ahead (Ashborne)   Chapter 4: The Path Ahead (Ashborne) EmptySat Jul 02, 2016 12:02 am

Chapter 4: The Path Ahead
Seat of the Tyde Family

Total force: Estimated at 2500-3200
Known for:
1. Fast cavalry
2. Agile shock troops

Chapter 4: The Path Ahead (Ashborne) Wanst10
Ashborne sits at near the bottom of the mountain. It is a dormant town, led by the Tyde family. They are loyal supporters of Clan Geisler.

News of the Battle of Northrend has reached the ears of the local lord of Ashborne, Lord Aburrido Tyde. He and his clansmen hold strong ties to Baron's family. Aburrido Tyde is a fierce ruler who tolerates no mistakes. He only bends the knee to Baron Geisler. 

The Ashborne army boasts one of the best cavalry in Northern Wrozan. The reason for this, is because they have perfected a breed of war-chocobo called the "mountain skipper". This breed is slightly smaller, but with longer legs than the muscled common breed. The mountain skipper type's feet also allow it to cling to rocky crags, enabling Ashborne cavalry to move across steep mountain faces as mountain goats would. 

At his hall, the "Frozen Ash", Lord Aburrido reads a letter carried by a moogle from Northrend. Here, Baron asked for assistance concerning civil unrest in the region. Rockfell was the first city to openly defy Baron and has even attempted a siege. Aburrido turned over the letter to his aide and asked him to write back to Baron.

[Aburrido Tyde]: "Tell Lord Geisler that we will ride down to join him as soon as we are prepared. Tell him that Ashborne will remain loyal to the Geislers."
[Aide]: "Yes of course my Lord."
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Chapter 4: The Path Ahead (Ashborne)
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