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 Chapter 5: Kings and Serpents (Northrend)

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PostSubject: Chapter 5: Kings and Serpents (Northrend)   Tue Jul 05, 2016 7:33 pm

Chapter 5
Serpents and Kings

Seat of Clan Geisler...

For the lords and citizens of Rockfell, retribution was coming for them and it isn’t going to be pretty. Greatly offended by how they rebelled against him, Baron wants to teach them a lesson in respect. They were going to bend the knee to him, no matter what. With a strong army of 4,000, including cavalry, infantry and siege units, he led the charge. An additional 2500 stayed at home to defend it. He’s entrusted the defense of the city of Northrend to his most loyal bannerman. Thus he marched.

A knight general named Sir Robin Williams defied Baron Geisler, saying that attacking other cities to prove his military might was wrong. Robin Williams is an honourable man and knew that respect must be given in order to receive it. However Baron was not in a good mood at that time. He reminded Robin Williams of his duty.

[Baron Geisler]: “If you will not follow me, you better kill yourself. You are useless.”
[Robin Williams]: “Then so be it my Lord. I will take my life to preserve my honor.”

[Baron Geisler]: “Honor before reason then? You serve my father but you don’t serve me. Go eat shit and die, Sir Robin Williams.”

The old knight was hurt emotionally but he knew he had to choose honor. There was no way he’ll obey such a cruel order. Robin Williams cast his gold-trimmed cloak aside and knelt on the ground. He took out a small dagger and cut his own belly in an act of honor. He’d rather die than betray his Lord, knowing that disobedience is just as bad as following an evil Lord.

After Sir Robin Williams disembowelled himself in front of the Northrend city gates, Baron Geisler took a dung of chocobo and smeared the bird feces inside the dead, but still-kneeling Robin Williams’ mouth. He spat at the honourable knight that once proudly served his father. Then-after, Baron’s mighty army strode through the gates, marching boldly as the corpse of Sir Robin Williams attracted flies and scavenging birds.
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Chapter 5: Kings and Serpents (Northrend)
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