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 FFMSL Insider: Corneus Corvall

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FFMSL Insider: Corneus Corvall SceneCorneus3

Corneus Corvall the 6th Lion of the Empire, was the last descendant of the ancient Demirian Bloodline, the Guardian of the Maine, Protector of Wrozan, and the youngest Grand Sorcerer in history. He was killed by Agnes Nera in Hellsgard Hold, while he attempted to exorcise her demon. Through the course of his life, Corneus has maintained his vibrant personality. Although many knew him as a fearsome and powerful mage, those closest to him knew him as an extremely talkative and lecherous person. Corneus was very fond of women. He just couldn’t seem to get enough of them. However, his unattractive looks granted him the ire of most women.

He did not start out as a powerful mage right away. In fact, his powers did not awaken until he was 7 years old. Being both unattractive and physically weak, Corneus was bullied most of the time before he gained his powers. But this did not twist Corneus into a revenge seeker, instead he devoted his life in helping others even those who bullied him. He thought that kindness was the answer to all things, but he also liked to have a bit of fun. Often, Corneus would joke around with people. Sometimes he would even pretend to be wicked and evil, but in truth he was merely being ridiculously playful.  

Shortly after his powers came to be, he started gaining popularity among his kind and that of another. The Alfeirs became fascinated with his skill at his age and decided to offer him an apprenticeship in P’kon, an academy in the Ariel continent that is taught by the best mages in the entire planet. Corneus took the offer and spent 14 years of his life learning in the academy.  Corneus stood out among his peers, his raw talent was comparable to that of the teachers, if not more. But he lacked the ability to control it properly. Finesse and control, together with a vast range of spells, was the core of Corneus training in P’kon.  

FFMSL Insider: Corneus Corvall SceneCorneus2
When he was just 23 years old, Corneus Corvall gained the title of Grand Sorcerer after mastering all the spells tied with the title as well as the most powerful binding spell, Grand Seal. He returned to his home of Thanatos, soon after, and joined the Imperial Lions to serve the Emperor.

Corneus earned the rank of 1st Lion and was given the title “Guardian of the Maine” by the Emperor. He was the obvious choice at that time due to his popularity and his unparalleled magical powers. He also became the commander of the Imperial army, and would lead the Empire to many victories for the next 20 years.

After aiding the Empire capture the Guardian Spirit Ifrit, Corneus traveled to Wrozan on the behest of Grand Sorceress Ahmira. The Seals which bound one of the Old Gods were starting to decay as a direct result of Ifrit being taken by the Empire. Corneus felt responsible and so he willingly replaced Ifrit’s seal with his own. The Alferian King, Ish’in Yaho, bestowed upon Corneus the tile “Protector of Wrozan” for his sacrifice and contribution for the welfare of the continent.

When he returned to Thanatos, he was much weaker than he used to be. Being human, his lifespan was far less than that of an Alfeir and his aging body had a detrimental effect to his magical powers. There was also something about the visit to the Old God’s prison that drained a substantial amount of Corneus’ powers. His powers were never the same after his visit to Wrozan, yet he maintained his credulous demeanor. He dropped to the rank of 6th Lion and was stripped of his position as commander of the Imperial Legion.

8 years later he returned to Wrozan under orders of the Emperor, who was an avid collector or rare items, to seek out and take the Devil’s Jewel, which had been stolen from Doragul some time ago. He learned that the Jewel was in the possession of a Thanatan Girl, a powerful mage, that reminded him of himself. He was finally able to locate and capture this girl after she attacked and destroyed the fighting pits in Drakestone City. This later led to the events in Chapter 3: “Sleep” at Hellsgard Hold.
FFMSL Insider: Corneus Corvall SceneCorneus1
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FFMSL Insider: Corneus Corvall
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