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 FFMSL Insider: The Ramoan army

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FFMSL Insider: The Ramoan army Empty
PostSubject: FFMSL Insider: The Ramoan army   FFMSL Insider: The Ramoan army EmptyMon Aug 01, 2016 1:16 pm

FFMSL Insider: The Ramoan army SceneRA

The Ramoan army was established during the rebirth of Wrozan, which was at the end of the Undead Invasion almost 2000 years ago. It now stands as Wrozan’s primary military force, with approximately 520,000 troops, which is relatively small as compared to the other military forces all over the world. However, what the Ramoan army lacks in size, it makes up for in skill and diversity. Their goal is to safeguard Wrozan as a whole, including the divided North and the Alferian kingdom of Cross.
The Ramoan Army functions as Wrozan’s protectors. The United Democratic Republic of Ramoa was founded on the ashes of the old kingdoms, which existed before Izaria’s attack, and their chief military force is the Ramoan army. The highest ranking official of the Ramoan army is the President, he is in-charge of all the operations of the Ramoan army. Admittedly, the Ramoan army is not a large one compared to the other armies around the world. Even the divided northern houses have more fighting men, if banded together, compared to the Ramoan Army. Other armies like the Imperial Legion, which is the most famous, have numbers that is more than eight times than that of Ramoa’s. However, to them numbers are just figures. Ramoan soldiers are some of the best disciplined and trained fighters all over the world. They possess all the strengths of all the other races combined, in terms of quality. This is due to the fact that the entire army is composed of and being trained by, members of each race. It is one of the few large armies in Lunaris which is not race restricted. Having all the races in one army can be difficult for some, however Ramoa does an excellent job at disciplining and promoting the sense of oneness among its soldiers, which makes the a very formidable force to contend with.

The stretch of the Ramoan army’s duties and responsibilities does not stop at their doorstep. They are obligated to protect all of Wrozan, even those Northern houses that don’t agree with them. Sometimes, their services will even go as far as the entire world. They greatly resemble the Alliance, which was formed to fight the Undead and the Chaos monsters, in terms of their resolve and their diversity. For instance, there is a special unit in the Ramoan army which deals specifically in regards to planetary defense. However, these special units are often kept as a secret to prevent the people from thinking too much, especially if it concerns the Old Gods. Furthermore, the Ramoan army has a good standing relationship with the other super powers like the Empire, the Delvic army, and the Afleirian Dominion. But due to current events, some tension has been building up between Ramoa and the two super powers, Doragul and Thantos. At the center of this tension is the Thantian mage, Agnes Nera.
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FFMSL Insider: The Ramoan army
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