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 FFMSL Golden Saucer System

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PostSubject: FFMSL Golden Saucer System   FFMSL Golden Saucer System EmptySat Aug 06, 2016 1:31 pm


It's composed of several systems all of which are within the game room. To enter the Golden Saucer, the player must pay to entrance fee of 10 Golden Tokens. Games found inside the Golden Saucer all costs Golden Tokens. 

Tokens can be bought for 1,000 Gil each, but they cannot be sold for Gil. Or they can be earned in the RP. From now on, GTs will be included as a reward for completing a quest or an STS. Tokens are also won and lost in a game of Triple Triad.

STS (win) = 1 token.

PTS (win) = 10 tokens.

Blue Skill Quests = 10 tokens.

Green Skill Quests = 50 tokens.

Violet Skill Quests = 100 tokens.

One important note. The Golden Saucer is non-canon and so are the Golden tokens. It must not be mentioned in the RP, or else there will be a penalty.


The FFmsl Slot Machine system is part of the Golden Saucer system, which can be found and played inside the Game Room. 

The mechanics of the game are simple. Try and get 3 similar fruits in one roll. Each roll must have (3) Three dices, anything less or more will be considered invalid and your token will not be refunded.

1 roll costs 1 Golden Token.

The rewards for each result are as follows:

Must be three of a kind:

1. Apple: 5,000 gil

2. Orange: 1 Golden tier Weapon/Equipment/Accessory same as the player's level. (Reward and Attribute of your choice)

3. Watermelon: 1 Rare tier Weapon/Equipment/Accessory same as the player's level. (Reward and Attribute of your choice)

4. Kiwi:  1 Enchanted tier Weapon/Equipment/Accessory same as the player's level. (Reward and Attribute of your choice, but the effect is moderator choice)

5. Pineapple: 1 Respec Ticket (consumable)

6. Strawberry: 50,000 Gil

7. Cherry: 5,000 XP

8. Raspberries: 100 Tokens

9. Ladybug: Nothing

It works like any standard Roulette, if you have no knowledge of the game you can learn the rules at wikipedia. ^^

There are some stipulations that you need to follow though such as, the minimum bet is 10 tokens and the maximum bet is 5000 tokens.

You also need to indicate clearly, where it is you're betting. You can use an image if you want, to show where you placed your bets.

Here's a picture that shows the payout for each bet:
FFMSL Golden Saucer System Roulette-game2
FFMSL Golden Saucer System Rouletteodds

Here is the Roulette Table that we will use for FFmsl:
FFMSL Golden Saucer System American-roulette_table_layout
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FFMSL Golden Saucer System
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