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 FFMSL Party Training System

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FFMSL Party Training System Empty
PostSubject: FFMSL Party Training System   FFMSL Party Training System EmptySun Aug 21, 2016 11:40 am

Party Training System

It works very much like the STS (Solo Training System), however, this time you can do it with friends. But remember, you must complete the PTS battle within 3 days, from the first post, or you and your party will not receive any rewards.

In case you've forgotten, the maximum number of members in a party is 4. In a PTS, you can either bring a player character with you, or an RAP. But take note that you still need to pay the RAP's gil cost in order to use them during PTS. The transaction will be done in the Transactions section (No cost if you are the creator of the RAP npc).

You can only do 1 PTS every 3 days. So it's not like STS that you can do everyday. If you can an on going PTS, you cannot be part of another.

Once the battle is over, and the party vicotrious, each player will Roll for a Reward. RAP npcs are not allowed to roll the Rewards Dice.

Anyone from the group can control the PTS monster when its turn is up. But make sure you do it properly, or else, you will receive penalties and may also not receive any rewards at the end of the battle.

Wait for the official list of the PTS monsters to be posted, before you start doing PTS. I suggest that you use RAPs instead of other players, because some of them can be offline for a very long time and this will only drag your PTS.
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FFMSL Party Training System
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