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 Natural Life

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NL Staff

PostSubject: Natural Life   Fri Sep 02, 2016 1:14 am

Welcome to Northwood, Montana. Your typical town just like anywhere else... A place where nothing is as it seems.
The true humans here are blissfully unaware of the dangers surrounding them. There is a war waging between the supposed
dangerous animal Shifters and the Chasers who are sworn to keep the humans safe. Some Shifters just want to be
'normal' and mingle with the humans peacefully. Others are out for territory and notoriety. It doesn't matter to Chasers...
An animal is an animal.
But things are beginning the change...
A zoo has been built and it has fallen. Those who tortured the animals have perished.
Or have they?
A secrets group of humans are beginning to see what really lurks among them and they are rising up. The day of the shifter is ending and not even the Chasers know who to protect anymore.

Please feel free to stop by our site. Our characters might bite, but we don't!
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Natural Life
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