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 Snowy Wastes WherHold

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Snowy Wastes WherHold Empty
PostSubject: Snowy Wastes WherHold   Snowy Wastes WherHold EmptyFri Sep 02, 2016 4:35 am

Snowy Wastes WherHold Banner
the wastes belong to the whers

Setting | Current Plots | Whers | Availability/Needed

Official Opening: August 30th

They took the land from the miners and made it their own. The WherHold, tucked away in the far north of the Snowy Wastes, a harsh life in the long winter, but one that has set them free. It's a life without chains for whers, and one where handlers have as much respect as riders. Crafters and Holders aren't merely pushed to the sides as dragonkin works, but they stand alongside them, creating their self-sufficient home.

The 6th Pass is here, but the tensions felt between the WherHold and Miner's Hall remains: whilst Weyrs move to back the WherHold - there new source for large supplies of firestone and ore, the Holds and Halls start to waver on who to side with. For now though, as the short summer draws to an end and the snow is due to return in full force, a clutch warms on the Sands, it's sire an unknown legend of the wild wastes.

What you'll find:

    ~ A setting about the whers, with the whers, for the whers. ~ 12th September: The Arctic Clutch warming on the Sands, preparing for the Handout. ~ New mutant colours arriving very soon!~ A wide range of positions, ranks, and characters available for creation. ~ Open, friendly staff and members, who are all pretty crazy about spreading the wher-love.~ Site opening soon! Character creation is open already.

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Snowy Wastes WherHold
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