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 The Planet: A FF/KH roleplay

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The Planet: A FF/KH roleplay Empty
PostSubject: The Planet: A FF/KH roleplay   The Planet: A FF/KH roleplay EmptyFri Sep 02, 2016 7:02 am

The Planet: A FF/KH roleplay 0theplanetbanner
Seven years ago, the planet was almost destroyed by meteor but Aerith Gainsborough's last act of faith and kindness with her holy materia saved everyone. Six years ago the planet and people were plagued by a disease called Geostigma, and once again, Aerith saved them with her healing rain. Now seven years later, we see how resilient mankind is by how much they come together to rebuild the planet and make it whole once more. And now people that are dead are coming back for no known reason. Perhaps, the lifestream, has decided the people of the planet, deserve to be happy and have those they love back once more. Whatever it is, people are just grateful.

THE PLANET is a Final Fantasy VII based roleplay, that centers around the world of Gaia. However, it also has elements of other Final Fantasy games, well as Kingdom Hearts games such as the towns, cities, islands and villages.  Characters from other games will have to fit into the mold of the world, they have not been brought here or anything like that. They will have lived in Gaia all their lives.  

While there may be sporadic small plots here and there, it's mainly up to the players how their stories go. This may change in the future but for now, this is how we'll be playing.

The game is brand new, there are many canons available, face claims are anime, video game and artwork but no real faces.  So come on by.


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The Planet: A FF/KH roleplay
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