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 Chapter 4: The Path Ahead

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PostSubject: Re: Chapter 4: The Path Ahead   Tue Jul 05, 2016 2:03 am

Chapter 4: The Path Ahead

The Dome of Fontaine
Lake Guardian

Yui looked toward the passage as Agnes mentioned it, considering heading over to it as well when even more vampires started pouring from it. She didn't even notice the crew heading for the water, making a half-minded motion with her spear in that direction to indicate that's what they should do. But her mind was too busy trying to figure out exactly what she should be doing, with so many vampires closing in around them.

She even started moving towards the lake herself, though her movements were a bit slow. Yui was so lost in thought and trying to visualize combat against so many targets that she wasn't really paying attention, shambling in the direction of the lake rather than actually walking or running to it.

The blinding light coming from the lake managed to catch her attention and, of course, momentarily blind her with its radiance. She could hear a voice clearly throughout all the chaos surrounding her, one that made her start tearing up again.

It was Cid!

With little hesitation Yui began to move towards the light as she was instructed, since it was Cid's voice telling her to do so. Her mind was not thinking clearly after the repeated hits to the head, slowly breaking out into an awkward run as she tried not to agitate her wounds.

She ran as quickly as she could to the edge of the lake, planting the dull end of her spear against the ground. She used her momentum and kicked off of the ground, holding onto the spear as she rose up off of the ground in some sort of strange half-assed pole vault. 

Unlike a pole vault, however, Yui didn't release her spear. She held onto it as she launched herself toward the light, avoiding the water as she traversed above the lake. She wasn't getting the height or the distance she was wanting, but it was to be expected.

She looked down at the water as she traveled, the few moments of being in the air granting a look at her reflection. She looked absolutely like shit, with blood coming out of her nose and mouth. 

Yui couldn't even tell what was going on after taking that rock to the head, unable to see any of that in the reflection which quickly faded as she began to travel closer and closer to the light. The reflection steadily disappearing as the water simply became more and more white, due to whatever was causing it to glow.

If she had bothered to look back up from the water, she would probably tell that she was flying towards something. But she wasn't exactly fully there, her mind lagging to keep up with the vastly changing thoughts.

She simply couldn't focus.
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PostSubject: Re: Chapter 4: The Path Ahead   Tue Jul 05, 2016 9:02 am

Agnes Nera
Chapter 4: The Path Ahead~
Dome of Fontaine

Her plan to return to the tunnels wasn't going to work now that the Emo-Vampire and the Half naked Vampire was back. Their timing was perfect, almost as if to prevent Agnes and the others from going back in the passage ways.~ Agnes really hated Vampires, there was something broody and foul about them that she just couldn't stand.~ She's never really encountered one before up until today, but she's read about them in tomes and books. They were exactly as she pictured them, as goth-looking-doesn't-shower type of people.~

The other humans were running towards the Lake, hoping that they might out swim the Vampires. "They will never make it" Agnes thought. She calmly exhales, thinking that this might be the end. Agnes gently closes her eyes and was about to transform into a Demon, but all of the sudden a bright light flashed from the lake and it scared the Vampires away.

Then this really big stag like beast emerges from the Lake. "Could it be the Guardian of the Lake?" Agnes said to herself. She then heard a voice, calling out to her. She recognized it as the White Lizard. Unsure if she was being led to a trap, Agnes still went towards the light seeing as there were no really other options left for her.~ She could only hope that she made the right choice~
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PostSubject: Re: Chapter 4: The Path Ahead   Tue Jul 05, 2016 12:59 pm

Chapter 4: The Path Ahead

The Dome of Fontaine
Lake Guardian

The light intensified one final time before dissipating into millions of tiny little sparkles. The last boom of light caused a shock wave that rippled through the Lake's surface. And just like that, Agnes, Yui, and the giant beast was gone. They disappeared together with the 6 other crew members of the Sierra.

The Vampires were now able to uncover their eyes and move out from cover. They searched high and low for the humans but couldn't find a trace of them anywhere. The Vampire Lord didn't take the situation too well. She screamed furiously after realizing that their prey had escaped.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the lake. A bright white light appeared close to the river. The light intensified it's glow right before it transported Agnes and Yui on that location. They arrived moments after the six other crew members, who were all delighted to see that the two girls made it out safely.

According to the crew members, they were pulled into the water and saw a bright flash of light, and before they know it, they ended up here on the other side of the lake. They did mention something about seeing their Captain, during the entire flash of light thing. They realized that their Captain was truly gone. But it comforts them, knowing that even in the afterlife, he still takes looks after them. For a the time being, the crew decided not to ask anymore questions about how their Captain died. They only wanted to dwell on how he lived.

Time has flow by so fast. It was nearly sun set, but they couldn't rest just yet. They are not safe out here in the wilderness, and with the sun almost gone, the Vampires will have no trouble crossing the lake and following them here. They had to keep moving, and the nearest colony was several miles away to the west, a castle called North Bridge.

A lot of sacrifices have been made in order to get them where they are now. Agnes continues to search for a way to remove the Demon from her body. Meanwhile, Yui still has to push north and find out what really happened the Jenn Girdis. To accomplish their goals they must continue to walk towards The Path Ahead.


2000 XP awarded for Chapter 4. Wait for the Chapter 5 post...
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PostSubject: Re: Chapter 4: The Path Ahead   

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Chapter 4: The Path Ahead
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