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 Chapter 4: The Path Ahead (Rockfell)

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Chapter 4: The Path Ahead (Rockfell) Empty
PostSubject: Chapter 4: The Path Ahead (Rockfell)   Chapter 4: The Path Ahead (Rockfell) EmptyFri Jul 01, 2016 12:20 am

Chapter 4: The Path Ahead (Rockfell)

The remnants of Rockfell's army returned to their hometown, a shivering city in the heart of the mountains. Their bones were broken, armor dented, weapons lost, but most of all their spirits were crushed. Rockfell only sought to gain independence, to end Baron Geisler's tyranny in Wrozan's northern regions. But they failed, and lost a capable commander in the person of Lady Ailyth Senka.

It's been days since the fight against the Geislers. Rockfell's gates opened up to allow the homecoming of the survivors. One by one the white chocobos entered the city. The soldiers were all battered and bruised. Their last remaining commander, Kiko Matos, looked weary.

The party was met with sad gazes from the women and children who were waiting for them. Instead of throwing a victory party, they looked despaired and broken as well. Rockfell's rebellion against Lord Geisler would only spell them greater trouble. Baron would clearly not overlook this; he would seek revenge and try to destroy, or enslave Rockfell.

Lord Kiko Matos was very disturbed. He grew up with Baron Geisler. He knew Baron's family. The Geislers used to be so benevolent, but when Donald Geisler died, his treacherous younger brother turned things upside down. No longer did Northrend honor the longstanding friendship between the villages in the Northern lands. Baron turned to raping and pillaging, shitting on the good name upheld by his grandfather, father and brother who were all but now gone.

[ Kiko Matos ] : "Baron was like a brother to me. I loved him. But he has become a monster.."

Said the Rockfell Lord as he sat in the mead hall, surrounded by vassals and men from other races. Altogether they found a common enemy in Geisler. They do outnumber the Geisler army now, but who's to say the other villages won't declare for Geisler? The tyrant had an army, a backing by the Empire, and most of all an Elder Serpent under his control. The great wyrm Midgardsormr, Father of Serpents.

[ Ention Dee ] : "The Senka clan is now extinct. You now, Lord Matos, you're the one to lead us now."
[ Kiko Matos ] : "I can't, Lord Dee. I'll recommend Lord Pasquall for that..."
[ Piolo Pasquall ] : "You're more of a man than me and Ention combined. You lead us, Lord Matos."
[ Kiko Matos ] : "It is a hard decision."
[ Sam Millbee ] : "Rest and recover. In the morning let us convene again."
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Chapter 4: The Path Ahead (Rockfell)
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