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 FFMSL Summon System

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Summons are usually powerful spirits like Guardians or Ancient elemental Lords that have made a pact with the summoner to aid them in battle. They can also be forced to obey a person by using a Fabula Nova Crystal by trapping their spirit inside it once it has been weakened. SUMMON Is a command unlocked once you've acquired a powerful spirit or Ancient. It is only limited to Powerful Spirits anything less cannot become a SUMMON.

Summons are different from having large pets. A summon is usually a spirit or is in spirit form, meaning it's not longer alive or it's a spirit to begin with. Some people may have giant snakes as their pets, these are not considered summons, instead they are merely monster npcs.

Summons appear for a certain duration during battle to help the Summoner. Once their time limit is up, the Summon must vanish into the spirit realm and they cannot be brought out again until after 10 turns. Each summon has its own set of skills and commands, that cost turns. Turns determine their actions and their duration in battle. During battle, the summoner is in full control of the Summon and they are usually immune to most Negative Effects, but not all.

If a Summon is killed during battle, it becomes unusable for the rest of the battle. To prevent this, it is advisable to Unsummon a Summon before it's HP reaches 0. All (B) and (N) Skills is removed from a Summon once it is removed from battle. A Summon's HP recover's by 1% every turn while Unsummoned.

Each Skill or Command a Summon has consumes their Time Limit. Your Summon cannot use a Skill or Command if it's Time Limit is not enough, so use it wisely.

Summons have their own stats and do not level up or grow any stronger as their Summoner does. Their Stats will remain the same throughout the entire course of the game.

There is no limit as to how many summons a player can have, but each player is only allowed to bring out one summon at a time during RPs and during battles.

If both opposing parties have summons active on the field, the summons will be forbidden to target the players with any offensive skill, they can only attack other summons. In-RP the reason behind this is because the Summons will be protecting their master from harm. Not even AEO attacks will be able to target the players so long as both sides have a summon in play.

Here are the list of all Summons that have appeared in the story so far:
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FFMSL Summon System
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